Health & Eco Defence Society

Scope of Work:

A wide range of services, from:

mass-awareness building about health and environmental / ecological problems, through planned communications, campaigns in diverse media; to

executing field-projects aimed at preventing / controlling environmental pollution and deadly health hazards like AIDS.

to work for promotion and establishment of Self Help Groups of women and men.

to work for the shelterless people and construct shelters, houses and buildings centres.

to establish science exhibition centres, science park, museum for awareness generation and aptitude for science among the people.

to establish training centres at different places to make people skilled in different trades for the appropriate use of local resources.

to conduct classes, courses and schools for the distressed people.

to organise educational and awareness generation programmes.

to undertake all kinds of development activities in the field of agriculture

to organise such programmes and activities for all round development of the women, children and all disadvantaged groups.

to establish education centres like schools, coaching centres, library etc. for the educational development of the rural and urban people.

to provide active support to any activities which is connected with human welfare.

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